Cariad is a term of endearment in the Welsh language to express the complex emotions of true love. A unique welsh word it has no direct translation into English but combines the meanings of My Beloved, My Sweatheart, My Darling. In many designs we use the initials of the gemstones used to spell out the word "Cariad" Citrine, Amethyst Ruby, Iolite, Aquamarine and Diamond.

  • Cariad Diamond Ring
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    Cariad Diamond Ring

    Cymru Rose Welsh Gold with Diamond

    Our most popular 9ct Cymru Rose Gold Cariad ring incorporating rare Welsh Gold. The top of the ring is embossed with the word CARIAD, the uniquely Welsh word for Darling, Sweetheart or Lover and is made all the more special by a sparkling brilliant cut diamond as the dot of the I. In gleaming rose gold. Finger Sizes L to R

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