Tree of Life

Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life. In the "Time before Time" this mythological tree was believed to link the mortal and immortal worlds. Here the design, inspired by the wondrous tree, has been used to create a delicate tracery of gleaming red and yelloe Cymru Gold which, like the tree itself, combines strength and grace.

  • Tree of Life Bangle
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    Tree of Life Bangle

    Silver & Cymru Welsh Rose Gold Tree of Life Bangle

    A Sterling Silver Designer Tree of Life Bangle. Mystical Tree of Life in Hand polished Hallmarked Sterling Silver with the Dragon stamp, with a Silver Leaf and Gleaming Cymru Welsh Rose Gold Berries.This Bangle, designed in our Welsh workshop, is completely hand made and hand polished and is adjustable to fit any wrist size.

    • £230.00
    • £207.00
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    • Expandable bangle approx 60mm dia.
    • Product Code: SWB1

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