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  • 18ct Smooth Fit Wedding Band
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    18ct Smooth Fit Wedding Band

    3mm Cymru 18ct Welsh Yellow Gold

    This 18ct 3mm Smooth Fit Wedding Ring shape is unique to Cymru Gold and is known for it's comfort and fit. The .5mm radius on the top and bottom edges ensures that these rings flow on and off the finger, and are equally stylish for men or women. The central flat section enables more room for engraving, either inside or out, and is especially suited to having the large Dragon Stamp struck on to the top. Cymru Gold takes a standard design, and by simplicity improves and transforms it. Here in 18ct Cymru Yellow Gold without the Dragon stamp it is available in a range of full and half and finger sizes from I to S. Please ask for a quote should you require a larger size.

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