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Custom designer rings built to customers choice of Cymru Gold and Diamond shapes and sizes. Prices start from £1950
Welsh Gold Diamond Triology Ring

NEW DESIGNS for a Welsh Gold Trilogy Ring


NEW DESIGNS for a Welsh Gold Diamond Ring


NEW DESIGNS for a Welsh Gold Trilogy Ring


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Did you know?  Gwynfynydd Gold Mine is near Ganllwyd, DolgellauGwynedd, Wales. The lode, which was discovered in 1860, was worked from 1884. It has produced more than 45,000 troy ounces of Welsh gold until mining ceased in 1998. The equivalent of 1,400 kg (£44,871,642 on 2017 markets). In April 1986, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a kilogram of Welsh gold from the mine to celebrate her 60th birthday.  (Source: Wikipedia)


We are the largest producers of Rare Welsh Gold themed collections Jewellery in the U.K., using the gold mined from the Gwynfynydd Gold Mine and are truly proud to follow the age old Celtic tradition of making beautiful Welsh Gold designs using popular themes such as Tree of Life, Welsh DaffodilCariad, and Celtic Ranges. Our beautiful Welsh Gold Jewellery is designed and created in Wales by talented designers and skilled craftsmen whose combined knowledge spans over seventy years using traditional methods used over a thousand years ago.  

While competitors have moved their production to China, Cymru Gold is proud to create our beautiful jewellery in Wales - we know that this is important to you.

We are proud of the quality of our jewellery - all our goods are guaranteed for life against manufacturing faults. Proud of our knowledgeable and helpful team, with superb after sales service. 

All our jewellery incorporates a maximum of 10% rare Welsh Gold with the CYM hallmark and Dragon stamp, a guarantee Certificate of Authenticity and unique presentation wooden Dragon Boxes, each with a Welsh Dragon on the lid.

Thank you for your valued custom and for choosing Cymru Gold - a Wonder of Wales.

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