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Vincent Thurkettle


World Champion Gold Panner

In our modern age it is highly unlikely that any gold mine will re-open in Wales. The environmental problems are just too great for such a venture in the Snowdonia National Park, and the indemnity against a polluted water run-off or a mining disaster are just too exorbitant.

However in conjunction with Vincent Thurkettle, the World Champion Gold Panner, we have been able to extract a small but reliable source of Pure Welsh Gold from the rivers of Snowdonia.

This is sustainable "green" Welsh gold in the very best sense of the word, the environmentally correct extraction leaving no trace on the beautiful Welsh countryside or damage or destruction to the world in general. What nature has provided and Vincent painstakingly uncovered, our skilled goldsmiths transform into beautiful works of art. This gold is not transported around the world for production in far off Eastern lands. From Wales to Wales!

Every year Vincent Thurkettle runs gold panning courses. For a small fee you can join these courses and learn how to search for your own Welsh gold. The gold is there. You might just strike it lucky and find a big nugget.

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