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Cymru Gold

Cymru Gold

Master of Jewellery

The business was founded by Nigel Blayney in 1971 as Aardvark Jewellery, but became Cymru y Metel, and later Cymru Gold with the purchase of all the last remaining stocks of Welsh Gold mined from the Gwynfynydd Mine, Dolgellau when under the control of Sir Mark Weinberg.

Cymru Gold is a British craftsman based manufacturing jeweller, one of the few left in Britain today, producing the original designs almost exclusively by hand in their Welsh workshops in North Wales.

Our designs are Welsh/Celtic inspired, but with a moderm input to create unique and original designs. It was our craftsmen who conceived the design concept of using the combination of rose and yellow gold in the making of Welsh Gold jewellery. And today we are still the only company able to produce some of its wedding rings in 18ct Pure Welsh Gold.

Because of the rarity of Welsh Gold our main range contains a stated quantity of between 1-10% of Pure Welsh Gold in our Cymru Gold alloys. Every time our Cymru Welsh Gold is refined back we add a further 1% of Pure Welsh Gold from our stocks to the mix.

For many years Cymru Gold have also had a mining/exploration division, prospecting for new gold seams in the Welsh hillsides around Dolgellau. In 2010 we funded a lease on the abandoned Clogau Mine to explore whether it could be opened. Unfortunately although a small quantity of gold was found during the exploration it was not enough to consider the mine viable for production.

We also use the World Champion Gold Panner, Vincent Thurkettle to provide historically panned Welsh gold from the rivers in the Dolgellau gold belt, and supply Cymru Welsh Gold jewellery to the national Trust owned Dolaucothi Gold Mine near Pumpsaint in South Wales.

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