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Welsh Gold

Welsh Gold

The Rarest Gold in the World

Welsh Gold is now perhaps the rarest gold in the world, originating as gold mined in Wales and yet at the turn of the last century Wales was one of the worlds largest producers of gold.

The last Welsh Gold mine the Gwynfynydd closed in 1998 and it is unlikely that any mines will ever re-open, mainly due to the severe environmental restrictions inside the Snowdonia National Park.

All the Welsh Gold that remains is what is left of the original mined stocks and a small but environmentally clean amount that can be panned from the rivers around Dolgellau, notably the Wem and the Mawdach.

Welsh gold has traditionally been used as the gold for royal wedding rings, and also as the gold in some of the Crown Jewels. Cymru Gold have used some of their stocks to make the rings for several welsh Bishops and also part of the regalia for the Welsh Assembly. Sir Mark Weinberg when operating the the Gwynfynydd Mine, presented our present Queen with a kilo bar of pure Welsh Gold for use in future wedding rings. Cymru Gold is seemingly the only firm in the world to have enough Pure Welsh Gold to be able to supply 18ct Pure Welsh Gold Wedding Rings exactly the same as those used by the current Royal Family.

Welsh gold is often thought of as being rose gold, probably because of the copper often found alongside the gold in several of the mines, and a fact that we use in much of our Welsh gold jewellery design.

However gold is an element and when refined back to absolute pure 24ct gold Welsh gold is a bright golden yellow like every other gold in the world.

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